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Success Stories – Other Sectors

For each client case study please click on 'Read More' for the full story. Each one concludes with the key financial and service delivery benefits that the client has now gained from using Ezitracker.

Spinal Injuries Association

Spinal Injuries Association  🇦🇺

Based in Queensland, Australia, and formed in 1960, the Spinal Injuries Association is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with a spinal cord injury and provide a range of high quality services to empower their members either in their homes, at the workplace or in the community. Representing 2,000 members and clients throughout Queensland, and with over 650 support workers, the Association found their existing manual process for client service management, invoicing, payroll and reporting inadequate.

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Spinal Injuries Association

They investigated workforce monitoring solutions that could collect time and attendance information easily, integrate into their rostering system and fully automate all invoicing, payroll, government and management reports.

Matthew Linscott, Business Systems Manager of Spinal Injuries Association, comments, “We wanted to collect time and attendance information as easily as possible, without manual processes, and we also wanted to provide client services with relevant, accurate and timely information to better assist service management.”

They identified that a telephone-based system would be the most appropriate method for collecting this data due to the constraints of their service model and their client base. The Association selected Ezitracker because it was being used by other similar organisations and there was already an existing relationship with their rostering software vendor.

“Being a reasonably sized company was also a factor,” says Matthew, “as this gave us confidence that there would be sufficient resilience and support in the product.”

Prior to implementing Ezitracker, manual timesheets were delivered each fortnight and 3-4 payroll staff would work an average of 3 days to manually interpret the time and attendance data into actual payroll. If there were any service delivery enquiries or audits, the client service officers would go through the filed timesheets to gather and analyse the information, which often took several days.

“Our data is now delivered in real-time as it occurs and our rostering system translates this into actual pay entitlements,” adds Matthew. “Now we have just one payroll staff member processing the data into pay in just one day and our Client Service Officers have actual real-time service delivery details and can react immediately if something doesn’t happen when it’s supposed to.”

Integration of Ezitracker was an easily enabled feature within the Association’s existing rostering system. The organisational change to processes and practices took several months as they rolled out new features over time to ensure all staff were able to cope with the change.

“Even with this staged process we managed to bring 80% of staff into the new system within 4 weeks, including training, delivery and support,” Matthew reports.

Of all the benefits of Ezitracker, Spinal Injuries Association says they value the accurate time and attendance information in real-time the most as it enables them to automate their most time intensive processes while freeing up staff to engage in more value-producing tasks.

Service delivery management has benefited through better information quality and availability, leading to increased effectiveness and efficiency in access to actual service delivery details.

All employees are now paid exclusively by approved shifts, and the strengthened procedure for approvals, which introduces “real-time” scrutiny over timesheet entries, has reduced the risk of overpayments/fraud immediately.

Analysis completed by the Association shows a reduction in issues caused by their previous difficult, manual and complex payroll process and significant savings in the costs associated with payroll administration and processing.

“If this type of solution meets your needs then you will be dealing with a company who has a reliable product, good support and is flexible and willing to do what it takes to ensure you succeed,” concludes Matthew.

Benefits outcome

Significant reduction in payroll processing time & expenses
Easy integration with existing rostering system
Improved management of client service delivery
Reduced risk of payroll overpayments and fraud

Euro Car Parks

Euro Car Parks  🇬🇧

Founded in 1976, Euro Car Parks (ECP) is one of the biggest and best known names in vehicle parking, operating over 750 car parks across the UK, Ireland and Europe; employing over 1,000 staff and assisting in excess of 500,000 motorists a day. The safety and security of ECP employees is a cornerstone of the business and by implementing Ezitracker they have been able to streamline their processes, add value to their service proposition and above all improve the safety of their remote workers.

An integral part of the Ezitracker service is the comprehensive suite of online reports available for managers to view (or download), each designed to simplify and enhance business processes. ECP was quick to take advantage of these, especially the Attendance Report which gives a complete view of everyone that has logged in and out across a specified time period. It also shows employees that haven’t logged in and sites that haven’t been visited during that period. The activity report includes ‘no-show’ alerts (employee hasn’t logged in at their scheduled start time) and ‘no-work’ alerts (no one has logged in during the scheduled start and end times). Crucially, this report also shows the budgeted hours set for a site alongside the actual hours of work completed, highlighting any variances between the two.

Talking about how Ezitracker has helped ECP, Carol Curwood, Payroll Manager, said, “Prior to Ezitracker we used paper timesheets but there was no way of knowing if accurate information was being recorded and the administration involved was a nightmare. Ezitracker changed all that by streamlining our processes and providing us with accurate, verified, real-time data.

“Overall it is very reassuring to always know what is happening; we can see where our staff are at any time and that they are safe. Health and safety is a big part of what we do and Ezitracker ensures that we are fulfilling duty of care responsibilities to our workforce.”

Benefits outcome

A verified record of work having taken place enables the accounts team to provide accurate invoicing to clients, with accompanying ‘proof of service’ delivery.
The ability to know in real-time the exact whereabouts of remote working staff - a “safety net” that helps the company meet its duty of care obligations.
Electronic attendance verification has drastically cut administration by eliminating the previous time spent on manually processing paper timesheets - significant cost savings.
Supervisors can be certain that the data being sent through to accounts is 100% accurate. In turn this means ECP has an accurate, verified record of work done. This has added value to their service and helped both retain existing clients and increase the company’s customer base.
ECP’s staff, operating alone in what can be vulnerable circumstances, greatly appreciate the safeguarding facility that is a core benefit of the Ezitracker service.