Workforce Management

Ezimonitor Workforce Management

The Ezitracker Solution for Real-Time, Time & Attendance Monitoring On-site & On the Go

Ezitracker understand delivering a field-based service is costly and managing a mobile workforce can be a huge challenge. With tighter service level agreements, ensuring your staff are onsite as planned gives real-time visibility of staff attendance and location. Ezitracker Manager is our web-based staff monitoring service trusted by over 80,000 users worldwide.

Performance Management

Receive a clear picture of staff time and attendance by location in real time allowing management decisions to be made if an employee is late to arrive or leave a site - enabling fast action to minimise service disruption.

Time and attendance data is captured automatically using mobile phones, landline, and biometric devices and is sent to EzitrackerWorkforce Manager in real-time. By eliminating the need for manual timesheets, you can significantly improve the accuracy of staff time and attendance recording.

Contract Management

Ezitracker Workforce Management provides complete visibility of contract compliance. With real-time data, you can ensure the service delivery to contract to get the right people in the right place delivering the right service at the right time.

You can compare actual hours worked against the contracted plan and use that evidence of service level agreements being met to inform your monthly, quarterly or annual client reviews.


Ezitracker Monitor provides a crucial safeguard for lone workers by automatically raising an alert when staff fail to log out. With the ability to set custom alert triggers, escalation procedures are fully customisable and manageable. Providing clear evidence of responsible risk management, Ezitracker Monitor ensures the duty of care obligations and your mobile workforce are kept safe.

Financial Management

Gain instant visibility into your workforce labour costs and performance. With accurate data on time worked, information from Ezimonitor Workforce Management helps control staff costs to set budgets. Driving up performance quality, significantly reduce overpayments and gain real insight into the cost of service delivery.


With real-time data, time and attendance information, you can accurately identify extra capacity and respond quickly to unplanned demand, enabling your organisation to stand out.

Scheduling, payroll, and reporting functionality are included in Ezitracker Monitor so you can allocate employees, assign pay rates, produce payroll extracts and report results quickly.

Ezitracker Monitor will integrate easily and seamlessly with your existing scheduling and payroll systems, helping to maximise the return on investment withEzitracker.

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