Audit & Compliance

Mobile Audits

Eziaudits Allows Easy Quality Control & Service Delivery Compliance for Mobile Workforce Management

Clients need knowledge of processes and services to comply with local, national, global and industry standards. Ezi Audit is a simple way to conduct regular on-site safety checks and client audits using your mobile phone or tablet to ensure the quality of your organisation's services to achieve compliance.

Eziaudit enables you to:

  • Quickly set up easy-to-use customisable audit templates
  • Customise and configure job specifications
  • Set up triggers to receive alerts if an audit score doesn't meet the required standard
  • Set frequency of audit and reminder alerts to make sure they're not missed
  • Attach photos and notes to audits for accurate reference and evidence recording
  • Sign off feature on tablet & mobile for audit completion

Your results are automatically uploaded into Ezi Audit's dashboard reporting tool, presenting clear, easy to interpret information. Allowing your organisation to take actionable steps to improve service delivery.

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