Solutions to match the employee lifecycle

Ezitracker matches the the full employee journey from Onboarding to Pay. With a plethora of methods for capturing data to a multitude of ways of interpreting it, all from our single EziHub!

Field based Employee Onboarding


EziOnboard is a field based onboarding tool empowering recruiters to capture employee centric data for recruitment. Capturing and notifying departments of a new starter is imperative in a fast-paced market

Right to work, Proof of identity and address, photographic evidence, Notifications to departments for DBS checks, contracts of employment and much more……

Drag and Drop workforce planning


Now you’ve Onboarded your workforce, you can effectively roster your staff. A simple to user contract/site-centric rostering tool that allows you to quickly build rosters by assessing employee skill set, personal availability and geography.

EziPlanner allows you to quickly and easily identify variances in actual versus budgeted hours in real time allowing you to take proactive measures in order to maintain contract profitability….

In Development


EziAttend provides a simple real time visual Attendance Display Panel of your workforce by location, department or work group allowing colleagues to know who’s in and whose out!

EziAttend can easily be extended to capture the details of attending Visitors and provide notofications of visitor arrival to the host.

Visitors simply, enter their name, host point of contact, vehicle registration number and email address and they are included onto the Attendance display panel for Health & Safety roll call.

Mobile based Onsite Auditing


An additional service for EziMobile users, contract or site based Audits are made available when logging in via EziMobile allowing the capture in real time of onsite performance, quality and compliance.

Quickly build Audit questionnaires with RAG statuses, Scoring metrics, Yes & No answers, Free Text responses, Photographs and signature authorisations.

Responses are compiled and reported on allowing KPI analysis identifying areas of strength

Contract Actual to Budget analysis


If using Ezitracker as a tool for payroll data preparation you can effectively manage your peoples worked time by assessing actual versus planned hours with a monetary focus ready for payroll processing.

EziBudget allows managers the ability to view, edit and override  and approve worked hours ready for payroll teams to process payroll – by using the contract pay rates and rules in EziRoster hours and monetary payments are collated allowing you managers to manage and approve by exception ensuring your workforce are paid correctly first time, every time….

In Development


Life is fast paced and the olden day mechanism of interdepartmental contact are gone. EziEngage allows employees and managers to communicate via In App messaging. Employees can view holiday entitlements and request holiday for manager approval.

Quick views of schedules, timesheets and more promote employee engagement, and resultantly lead to staff loyalty and retention…. 

Data when you need it


In addition to the powerful reporting suite within Ezitracker, we realise that you may wantmore comprehensive reports. However why just a report, what not build an interactive dashboard with live reporting.

EziAnalytics allows live dashboards to be built with drillable data allowing C-Suite users the ability to see an overview of the business but managers to identify down to an individual level of any areas for focus.

Corporate branding and read only views allow your clients assess to live data ensuring your customers are in the know removing the need for a multitude of reports to be scheduled and generated.

In Development


Finish the employee journey with EziPay. Users of EziBudget can prepare collated data ready for dynamic import into EziPay with Automated and Flexible payrolls, award interpretation, comprehensive reporting, RTI and HMRC reporting, UK GDPR Compliant, Automated pension/superannuation

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