Workforce Monitoring

Date: 21st Nov 2018

Ezitracker is a leading electronic workforce management cloud solution that enables managers to monitor the real-time, attendance of their remote workforce. With a proven track record of assisting organisations to reduce costs and improve service delivery levels. Ezitracker also helps satisfy the increasing demand for transparency and security of service delivered.

The service is typically used by cleaning companies, facilities management providers, and any organisation that employs staff who work on their own at remote locations. Registered staff login and log out of eziTracker when they arrive and depart from the site. This enables authorised managers to see the attendance details of all their remote working staff, at every registered site, online, in real time. Bespoke attendant reports can be produced as needed, showing relevant KPIs.

Ezitracker Workforce Management

How the Ezitracker Landline Works?

On arrival at site, remote working staff dial a freephone number using a landline phone, and after hearing an automated prompt, enter their unique PIN. (A similar process is used to logout at the end of the site visit.)

In addition to recognising the employee PIN, Ezitracker captures the Caller Line Identification (CLI) or GPS location and identifies the client and the registered site address. Attendance details including employee ID, time, and location are made available online, in real time, to authorised management. For situations where a landline or mobile phone is not available, or where circumstances favour another form of attendance verification, alternative login devices may be used including the Ezitracker Kiosk and Mobile App.

Ezitracker Kiosk

The Ezitracker Kiosk offer simple to use alternative solutions to the landline phone for recording time attendance on site. The devices use a non damage adhesive or screw in installation where required wall mounted terminal connected to the main power supply. The Kiosk fingerprint biometric is 100% accurate with all employees. The Kiosk uses a biometric finger scanner offering instantaneous time attendance recording with details sent immediately to Ezitracker ET Net via a mobile phone network. No connection to a local area network is necessary. 

Ezitracker Mobile App

zitracker Mobile offers another alternative to using landline phones in order to capture time attendance. Unique coded tags are kept on site and scanned by the remote worker’s smart mobile phone. Time & attendance details are made available in Ezitracker in the same way as they are via landline capture.

Seamless staff management solution

The Ezitracker suite of services also contains a proven rostering solution. Ezitracker Scheduler offers the compelling benefits of a completely seamless workforce management solution, integrating workforce monitoring with an easy to use rostering system specifically designed for employers of remote workers. In addition to scheduling, the service covers HR compliance, contract monitoring payroll and invoicing, all integrated together as a single workforce management solution. 

As a result Ezitracker customers experience 5 key benefits:

Improved service delivery - Ezitracker helps prevent service breakdown by alerting authorised managers to any “no-shows”, enabling swift response.

Lower payroll costs  - prevents payroll over payments and scope for time sheet abuse by providing 3rd party verification of actual hours attended.

Reduced administration costs  - eliminates the need for checking time sheets, streamlines processes with actual hours exported to payroll.

Improved safeguards for lone working staff  - Instant alerts are generated if a remote worker fails to logout after an agreed threshold.

Satisfies EWM requirements  - by using Ezitracker, contractors will satisfy the increasing contractual demand for EWM (Electronic Workforce Monitoring).

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