Top 4 Time Clock Systems in Australia for 2018

Date: 19th Nov 2018

Searching for a new employee time clock system and gps location tracker?  With so many time and attendance solutions to choose from it can be hard to select the right time clock hardware for your business.  With so many systems coming from overseas market make sure that the hardware and software meet Australian Standards.

How many employees do you need before time clocks become important? Most businesses with under 10 employees can manage employees time and attendance without a time clock system. However, once a business has more than 10 it may need to keep track of employees and measure performance. If a business has over 100 employees, then accurate record keeping, and service delivery tracking becomes even more important to meet contract standards across multiple sites.


We have taken the guess work out of finding your new employee time clock system and prepared a list of the 4 best employee time clock systems in Australia for 2018.


1.Ezitracker Landline

Ezitracker Landline

This is a simple solution for businesses that need a low cost option which has fixed site visits with a landline telephone. Landline is very affordable for small businesses and can scale for enterprise customers with 2000 employees.

Key Features:

o   Simple to use

o   Captures log in and log out

o   Great for businesses small and large

o   Captures GPS location


2.Ezitracker Mobile App (Android & Apple Compatible)

Ezitracker Mobile App

Great solution for medium and large enterprise businesses looking to capture accurate time and attendance data accurate location data. The mobile app solution also lets employees manage scheduled shifts, track mileage travelled and complete customised audits for job site. The mobile app gives real time business intelligence to accurately track service delivery for contract compliance.

Key Features:

o   Real time staff time and attendance monitoring

o   Easy access to real time schedule changes

o   Surveys and OH&S audits

o   Simple mobile application

o   Employee schedules management


3.Ezitracker Biometric Kiosk

Ezitracker Biometric Kiosk

The Ezitracker Biometric Kiosk is a great time sheet replacement for businesses with fixed locations. The biometric finger print scan is extremely accurate for data recording. With additional functionality of job site task view and surveys to complete the Kiosk provides employees an easy to use device.

Key Features:

o   Easy to use and simple to understand

o   Wifi and mobile signal compatible

o   Employees can view tasks

o   Fingerprint scan or RFID card scan or login PIN


4.Ezitracker Mobile Phone Telephony

Ezitracker Mobile

The Ezitracker Mobile Phone Telephony solution is great for small business looking to grow or large businesses looking for a mobile solution. The mobile solution works with any mobile phone number and is great for businesses that work across multiple sites. With GPS tracking of time and attendance data you can be sure your employees are in the right places at the right time.

Key Features:

o   Log in log out from any location

o   Extremely mobile and easy to access for employees

o   Simple to use with an employee log in pin

o   All the features of the telephony service


Would these time and attendance options help your business? Contact us today to discuss which option would be best for your business.

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