How to Manage Language Barriers in the Facility Management Industry

Date: 19th Sep 2018

Language barriers in the workforce are quite common in Australia but should never stop your organisation from providing quality service delivery.


The Australian population has over 20.9% of men and women that speak English as a second language. This often means the communication in the workplace can be particularly important dependent on service type provided. At Ezitracker we look at how these issues can affect the ease of use of our mobile app and time and attendance solutions, so they can perform well across a range of workforces.

Within industries, such as Facilities Management, employees may not communicate often, however, the importance of verifying that any communication whether spoken or written is clearly understood is vital to completing the job required to the correct standard. Understanding the work involved and completing the necessary tasks can become an issue when a client requests for a specific task to be completed as a one-off. The need to ensure staff have a full understanding of the required work to provide and the ability to monitor how effectively the work was performed is vital to ensuring the correct level of service is provided.

Ezitracker allows managers to update relevant task lists for employees to complete. Once completed, staff have the capability to check off items and can proceed to the next one. As a confirmation of all work completed a sign off signature can be set, and final confirmation can be made through in-app messaging. The cloud-based software portal then stores these messages with read receipts.

In the Australian Facility Management sector OH&S is a growing issue for workforce management, especially one where employees are moving to remote sites and transiting through job sites. When faced with this situation, our clients ask two main questions.

How do Facility Management organisations ensure employees have;

1. arrived on site?

2. safely left the site?


The Ezitracker workforce management app provides a solution for organisations with the need to track and measure the staff attendance and service delivery quality. The mobile app is device agnostic, allowing employees to log in on the mobile app and log out using a landline phone.

Ezitracker understands the language barriers faced in the workforce and our mobile workforce management app has been designed to be understood with minimal language use. Our solutions provide a simple display method for workers to read whether they are gen y or a baby boomer making it easy to navigate an app. If  they are a non-English speaking or English as a second language speaker, the app provides minimal and simple to follow language use.

If workers do not have a smartphone, Ezitracker provides a unique telephony solution that offers basic voice prompts. These prompts are easy to follow, understand, justified and proven from 20 years' experience in the Australian Market.


Whether a worker uses a mobile app or a landline, managers can verify the location of a worker. When using the unique Ezitracker landline solution, the  phone number of the landline on site is used to verify the location of the worker when they don't have a smartphone. If they do have access to a smartphone, they can use the app.

When the worker logs in or logs out, the Ezitracker app uses geolocation services to capture a snapshot of the location which can then be visible to the manager. In addition, geofence functionality allows the site address to be compared with the worker's location via a Google Maps Service. This provides physical evidence for managers to fulfil their OH&S requirements to the worker and the business, while also being able to provide evidence in the event there is a client query as to whether a worker arrived on site to complete their assigned work tasks. 

The two greatest issues when implementing new management software from our extensive experience has been:

1. Concern that it will be too hard for workers to learn

2. Concern that it will be too hard to implement the change


Ezitracker embraces compliance through simple, intuitive technology. Having provided solutions in the last 20 years, we are experts in providing advice on technology implementation in change management. With all the support, training materials and knowledge necessary to make any implementation a tremendous success for an organisation to help manage workforce productivity.

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