Ezitracker Launch Eziplan - Cloud Software for Consumer Directed Care in the Aged Care Sector

Date: 22nd Oct 2018

Why Ezitracker Launched Eziplan - Rostering & Care Management Software for Home Care?

“We have launched Eziplan due to the strong demand for an affordable, easy to use, quality software platform that enables efficient and effective workforce management of Home and Community Care within the Aged & Disability Sector in Australia” says Peter Longman, Managing Director of Ezitracker Australia.

Eziplan is a fully integrated care management solution designed and built from the ground up for Australia’s inhome healthcare providers. The solution offers home care providers customisation of rostering and scheduling, managing client profiles, care plans, carer notes, and appointments. Eziplan brings this information together and gives your organisation business intelligence to make actionable decisions to manage a growing home care workforce.

The below features are some of the functions Aged Care providers can use to provide consumer directed care for the Home Care Sector:

• Staff Management• Rostering and Scheduling• Award Interpretation
• Qualification Tracking• Client Care Management• Client Funding Integration
• Payroll Integration and Client Invoicing• Mobile and Tablet Application• Document Library
• Staffing Map and Journey Planner• Transport Appointments• Appointment Bidding
 • Daily or Weekly Appointment Planner• DSS (DEX) VHC (DVA) Integration• Shift Breaks and EBA guidelines

With multiple devices your workforce can login to use the great functionality the Eziplan solution offers:

Rostering & Scheduling -  Use Eziplan to reduce the time spent making schedules, communicating with employees and tracking hours. Our automated rostering system means you can manage your entire staff at any time, from anywhere, and on any device reducing the significant time costs involved.

Eziplan makes forward planning a breeze. View your Daily or Weekly Schedule and allocate all appointments in a single screen. Making changes is designed to be simple. Simply move an appointment from one staff member to another or leave ‘pending’ to reconfigure the staffing plan. Send automated SMS blasts and email notifications to staff advising them of any changes to bookings including time, location, contact details and other relevant information.

Qualification Tracking & Funding Manager- Track staff qualifications, manage funding requirements and compare with ongoing requirements. (NDIS / CHSP / HACC) Eziplan gives your organisations the ability to manage client care funding per month and per year dependent on funds allowed. Whether it’s Blue card, police checks, certificate 4 in disability support, oncology, personal care, 1st aid / CPR, dementia care – manage and track when employee re-training sessions are required.

Staffing Map & Journey Planner -  The automated Journey Planner, can quickly and accurately calculate the shortest route between multiple points, ensuring your staff spend less time on the road and more time with clients. Coupled with our GPS supported Mapping System you can also see the location of your entire staff at any time - providing added security and safety for your employees. Eziplan has the functionality to set start-end points for your transport appointments and automatically predetermine claimable & chargeable KMs which links to clients from multiple funding packages participating in the same trip.

Care Worker and Client Manager - Eziplan is a fully integrated care management solution designed and built from the ground up for Australia’s in-home healthcare providers. The solution offers the customisation of client profiles, care plans, carer notes, and appointments. Eziplan brings this information together and offers your organisation business intelligence to make actionable decisions to your mobile workforce.

Payroll Integrations & Award Wage Management - Eziplan exports to the major accounting packages and can be adapted to a pre-set list of payroll categories and services types if your organisation uses a customised payroll option. Matching award wages and allowances defined in your accounting system is a seamless operation.
NDIS / DEX / VHC Ready Export your appointment data in Eziplan to DEX / VHC in required format set, match your service plan IDs, outlet activities or have a custom format created for your organisation. DEX reporting is made easy with Eziplan.

Shift / EBA & Leave Management - Stay on top of your staff rostering during holiday season by monitoring leave applications. Eziplan allows you to keep track of overtime or time spent on break and if your organisation has custom rules set in your EBA that need to be followed - Eziplan can set up custom settings to be followed by your scheduling staff.

Ezitracker are proud to launch Eziplan for the Home Care market in Australia. With an in-depth understanding of the home care sector with over 20 years’ experience helping organisations manage growing workforces. We believe in the importance of reducing costs and finding efficiency to generate cost savings. Eziplan enables the management of home care workforces by automating key operations to improve workforce productivity, allowing you to deliver a first-class service to your customers – every time. Integrating with our real-time attendance solution we are excited to launch Eziplan.

Since 1999 Ezitracker has provided software innovation technologies for workforce management

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