How to easily manage workplace OH&S with workforce management software

Date: 05th Oct 2018

How to easily manage workplace OH&S with workforce management software

How Ezitracker mobile app makes it easy to conduct workplace audits for operational health and safety (OH&S)


In a world where the customer is king, there is increasing pressure on organisations both large and small to provide more and accurate evidence that service delivery promised, has definitely been delivered. If you’re an organisation that isn’t using technology to measure and report on the service undertaken that you are providing to clients, your competitors are going to be a step ahead.

Workforce Management Software is no longer one of those tools that the big corporates companies use to report on when they compile their annual reports – it’s used by more and more Small to Medium enterprise organisations to make sure they are delivering on time, on budget and to the agreed upon contract standards. A 2016 Syntonic assessment of the use of personal smartphones for work found that 87% of companies expect their employees to use their personal devices for work purposes, as shown in Figure 1. Of those respondents, 77% anticipated that number would increase within a year’s time.

Figure 1; Source: Syntonic


"The research revealed that 88% of highly engaged employees have control over their workplace"

Workplace developer Steelcase surveyed more than 12,000 office workers across 17 countries to discover the correlation between office space and employee engagement. The research revealed that 88% of highly engaged employees have control over their workplace. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) provides some of that control.

Here at Ezitracker, we have found over the years that our Ezitracker Customers report that it can be difficult to provide direct evidence that their workers have provided the service that they were contracted to do. Often our Customers find out when their clients cancel a contract for non-completion of work that the service delivery promised was not being delivered.

Several Ezitracker customers in the Cleaning and Facility Management sector in Australia asked for the ability to create a series of questions that an employee can complete at the end of a shift or job required, and a report provided so they can outline job completion evidence so that the services that were to be provided, did in fact occur. The Functionality of this feature for Ezitracker allows for the employee to take a photo, sign off or complete a check box of the work undertaken. With the customisation coming from the administrator this can be setup to report OH&S concerns, hazards or incidents immediately.

Using a mobile device to measure workforce attendance and productivity just makes sense in a modern world where employees take their method of communication with them, and where organisations can leverage the use of that smartphone device for business purposes. At Ezitracker a number of our customers needed a simple method of not just verifying that an employee was on site – but also that there was a need to provide an Audit or Survey that could be recorded by that Worker at the completion of that work.

We listened and created the EziAudit function. EziAudit allows for the quick and easy creation of templates that are consistent with the key questions and metrics that your organisation need to measure to track service delivery quality. When a Worker finishes at a work location EziAudit can simply pop up and ask the Worker to complete a series of questions, or key metrics that you want to measure and report on them. It’s as simple as that, so when your customer asks for a report on what occurred, you will have a record of key information that can be sent to the customer

Technology as a tool in Workforce Management can be a great enabler, in this case, the inability of an organisation to Audit the work that was contracted was overcome by using a tool that every modern worker carries with them all the time – their smartphone device.

EziAudit is highly customisable and connects seamlessly to the Ezitracker suite of attendance tools.


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