Workforce Management Technologies – An Enabler for Change

Date: 01st Sep 2017

The growth of the mobile workforce is driving facility management organisation to look for workforce management solutions to drive productivity and improve cost efficiencies.

In a brave new world, the digitised workforce requires forward-thinking service providers are embracing the developments in technology which is enabling an organisation to adapt and reap cost-saving benefits, increased productivity and a more accountable mobile workforce.

One of the major forces driving the facilities management market is the emergence and advancement of cloud-based solutions. Business procedures can be streamlined allowing estates managers easy process integration and real-time tracking of your entire workforce. Through systems integration, cloud-based digital technologies enable businesses to increase the productivity of their workforce whilst changing the way they operate. Whilst this is causing executives and employees to shift to a new way of working, technology is enabling workforces to change their way of working for the better.

Ezitracker Remote Workforce

Cloud-based Workforce Management solutions for the Facilities Management Sector:

Employers of SME and Enterprise cleaning and facilities management organisations face demanding challenges in a market that is intensely competitive with constant pressure on margins. Many clients now insist upon independent verification of visits missed,as late visits can undermine client relationships. The burden is further increased by high daily scheduling tasks, time-consuming manual processing of time sheets and the task of preventing time sheet fraud, overpayments and discrepancies.

Worldwide, some of the biggest names in commercial cleaning and facilities management have managed these problems thanks to the cloud-based solution, Ezitracker. The first and trusted choice in electronic staff monitoring systems and now the foremost name in technology for managing remote workforces, Ezitracker has an unrivalled track record in helping companies cut costs, improve operational efficiency, increase tender bid success rate, accurately measure contract profitability and deliver a real competitive advantage.

A selection of reports and alerts allow management to check that staff have logged in and logged out at the right site as scheduled. If an employee is late to arrive or to leave, an alert can be raised and sent immediately to management and remedial action taken if there is any breakdown in service. The information can then be integrated into payroll systems and syndicated with other systems to further improve operational performance across the business.

Ezitracker provides accurate records of proof of service delivery, helps contract service providers meet compliance obligations, reduce time spent on payroll administration, eliminate timesheet fraud or overpayment problems, cut the payroll bill, improve bid success rates and ensure that users meet the duty of care obligations for lone workers.

Ezitracker is the market-leading Remote Workforce Management

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