7 Benefits of Biometric Time & Attendance Systems

Date: 03rd Jul 2017

Biometric hardware solutions provide a number of benefits for capturing accurate time and attendance data. With accurate data in real time learn how you can make actionable workforce management decisions.

Gone are the days when supervisors use manual paper trails to keep track of employees and their whereabouts. Fewer companies are using spreadsheets to account for time and attendance as they want better methods of measuring actual hours worked by each employee. Biometric time clocks use class-leading technology to provide a secure alternative for staff to clock in and out.

Biometrics is a method of identifying an individual by scanning their physical characteristics such as fingerprints, voice, eyes, facial features or hands. This reliable and secure technology is becoming more and more popular and provides as it provides an accurate record of data captured.

Biometrics streamline working processes for companies that manage remote workforces across multiple sites. When linked to time and attendance and workforce management solutions, biometrics can provide numerous benefits to the management teams of multiple remote workers.

Biometric Time & Attendance

Biometric Workforce Management Benefits include:

1. Using biometrics, the actual individual's presence on the site can be accounted for. The person being identified must be in the building for them to be scanned which means that Biometrics offer a highly accurate verification solution. Using antiquated time and attendance systems such as clocking in cards make it easy for staff to clock in and out for one another. This problem, also known as ‘buddy punching' is eradicated when biometrics are introduced.

2. Biometrics provide an extremely accurate, reliable and secure staff monitoring solution that can be used to identify occupants of a building at any one time. This is particularly important for managing the lone worker though Ezitracker Workforce Management.

3. Biometrics improve staff accountability for time management and attendance and makes employees more productive. Leading to an increase in business profitability.

4. It improves employee job satisfaction. Using accurate attendance records captured using biometrics, supervisors can identify and reward staff that overperform and manage staff rostering better.

5. Traditional methods of access control such as ID cards can become costly, particularly when cards are lost, stolen or damaged and replacements are required. Using a biometric method of identification, companies can save thousands each year as it eliminates the need for replacement identification as the individual carries their biometrics with them.

6. Ezitracker biometrics can be integrated with other business systems

7. Reports can be provided using time and attendance data acquired through biometrics systems provide actionable insights to demonstrate contract compliance and proof of service delivery

Ezitracker Kiosks are multi-functional biometric terminals enabling staff to log in and out using a single terminal in a variety of ways: a fingerprint scan, card swipe or keypad.

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