​3 Ways Ezitracker can accurately track the time & attendance and location for Facility Management and Cleaning Companies

Date: 19th Oct 2018

How Ezitracker Use Hardware and Software to manage the capture of time and attendance data logs across various systems for Facility Management Clients


If your business is cleaning buildings or providing facilities management services then you‘ll be familiar with how difficult it can be to secure new business. You may have had to complete an Australian tender document that feels like it was compiled using a large part of the Amazon rain forest! No doubt you’ll be familiar with the pain involved when a customer rings up and complains of substandard service, or indeed calls to cancel that hard won business because work was incomplete or not up to quality standard code.

In today’s competitive business environment it’s often the small margins that help protect the big ones. At Ezitracker we often hear our customers within the Cleaning and Facility Management industries complaining about the ‘race to the bottom’ – companies that continually discount their services in order to win a contract, often reducing margins to unprofitable levels. Differentiation is something that all successful organisations use as a key point of difference in their repertoire when it comes the market leader within the cleaning and facility management sector.

Since being in operation since 1998, Ezitracker has worked with hundreds of Cleaning and Facility Management businesses around the world, from small family owned businesses right through to organisations with tens of thousands of staff. And all of these businesses regardless of their size share the same issue.

How do I make sure that my service standards are the best, and how do I confirm to my customers that I’m delivering that service?

Paper based time sheets and verification systems have been on the decline for the last decade, and successful organisations recognise that hardware, or some form of site verification is the best way of ensuring that quality compliance standards are met. Here are 3 ways these organisations use hardware/devices to manage this with Ezitracker:

  • 1.Telephony - Employees simply dial a free-phone telephone number (No cost to Client), key in their unique PIN, eziTracker captures the employee ID, site ID and attendance hours. Other information such as travel details, job codes and work expenses can also be captured
  • Mobility – Employees use a smart mobile phone to enable staff to track their schedules and record site attendance. Staff schedules may be shared, together with new job broadcasts and geocoded mapping for further site verification.
  • KIOSK- The Kiosk communicates with the Ezitracker service using the mobile network. A Wi-Fi or LAN connection can also be used as a backup. In the event of a communications failure staff can continue to login/out as normal and the Kiosk synchronises once a connection is restored.

Successful businesses use software to manage their day to day operations and ensure that they are tracking in accordance with their business objectives. Software certainly is part of the solution – after all, if you can’t measure, how can you manage? Traditionally organisations have relied on software to perform all rudimentary business and financial tasks, however software is only part of the solution, after all, if paper based information is keyed into a software program then the output is only as accurate as the data that has been sourced. The output is better than having nothing at all, but it is still only an electronic representation of a manual record.

The answer of course lies in applying electronic data capture software mechanism that doesn’t rely on pen and paper to record information. And generally this means having some form of hardware to record digital information as it occurs. Let’s face it, Machines are very good at this, they don’t lie, they record information as it is happening and they never call in sick (Unless their battery or power source dies) Adding a hardware component to a software solution is the perfect marriage in data recording.

Ezitracker customers have typically reported at least a 5% saving of their payroll costs by using the Ezitracker service. Generally the larger the organisation the greater cost savings. Some larger organisations have reported savings of up to 15% of their payroll costs – by reporting and recording actual data at source, rather than a post event paper based process that involves the human memory.

If you’re an organisation with a mobile workforce that hasn’t moved away from paper based time sheets for all of your data reporting needs, make the shift to software today and add some form of hardware to report attendance management…you won’t go back! 


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