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Workforce Monitoring

Ezitracker is a leading electronic workforce management cloud solution that enables managers to monitor the real-time, attendance of their remote workforce. With a proven track record of assisting organisations to reduce costs and improve service delivery levels. Ezitracker also helps satisfy the increasing demand for transparency and security of service delivered. The service is typically used b...

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How to make your workforce more Accountable

What does an accountable Workforce mean? ‘The obligation of an individual or organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner’ – As defined by the business dictionary. In the facility management and cleaning industry managing a remote workforce it is vital to foster an accountable culture. Common t...

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Top 4 Time Clock Systems in Australia for 2018

Searching for a new employee time clock system and gps location tracker?  With so many time and attendance solutions to choose from it can be hard to select the right time clock hardware for your business.  With so many systems coming from overseas market make sure that the hardware and software meet Australian Standards. How many employees do you need before time clocks becom...

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Is Time Theft really such an issue for & Facility Management Businesses in 2018?

How businesses can use digital devices to replace paper based time and attendance sheets and the impact on productivity and service deliveryOne suspects that since the beginning of time that Business Owners have been keeping an eye on Employee attendance and making sure that their workers have been onsite and are being productive. Whether it started out with a caveman carving lines ...

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