Temporary Workforce

Temporary Workforce Agencies

Using contract and agency staff is now well established, a trend that accelerated with the global downturn of 2008 due to sound financial reasons for keeping the overheads associated with permanent staff to a minimum. Whilst the flexibility required by modern working has resulted in a massive expansion in the use of contract, temporary or agency staff in a wide range of retail, office and industrial workplaces. In Addition, many companies have a variable or seasonal pattern of demands for their goods/services and so the use of agency staff is essential.

Ezitracker understands clients are demanding accountability by insisting on independent verification of attendance and evidence of actual hours worked, and agencies that use electronic workforce monitoring can gain an edge in this very competitive marketplace.

Undoubtedly the biggest benefit for temporary agencies is that Ezitracker can drastically reduce back-office administration by eliminating manual procedures and streamlining processes, resulting in significant savings to payroll costs whilst improving service delivery.

Key benefits of Ezitracker to Temporary Employee Agencies:

  • Provides real-time, time & attendance – time and hours worked
  • Monitors in real-time, actual visit times and GPS geotagged locations.
  • Provides "no-show" alerts – allows remedial action to be taken
  • Reduces ‘back office' costs – eliminates manual timesheet processing
  • Stops time fraud
  • Avoids service breakdown
  • Integration capability with all payroll software
  • Improves Health & Safety
  • Increases accountability
  • Delivers greater management control
  • Reduces administration costs
  • Cuts payroll and payroll administration costs
  • Enables compliance with EWM/EMS (Electronic Workforce Monitoring/Electronic Monitoring System) contract stipulations

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