Local Government

Local Government

With strict resources and set budgets, Local Governments need robust workforce management solutions. Ezitracker understands the focus on real-time data accuracy enabling administrative teams the ability to manage mobile workforces in a fast-paced environment.

Ezitracker is the perfect solution for Local Governments in Australia. Ezitracker delivers important benefits: with a real-time verified report on the actual hours worked the system's payroll integration feature means this information is seamlessly integrated into leading payroll systems allowing actual hours worked to be matched against contracted hours, streamlining and simplifying the whole payroll process and driving down payroll and operating costs.

Local Governments using Ezitracker leads to a reduction in the administrative burden of paper timesheets, resulting in substantial savings in payroll processing. In addition, by providing a precise third-party record of actual hours worked on site by remote staff, Ezitracker eliminates time sheet fraud, reduces payroll overpayments, discrepancies, disputes and time spent on supervision.

Key benefits of Ezitracker for Local Government:

  • Verified attendance – proof of service
  • Cuts payroll administration & actual payroll costs
  • Improves delivery of service
  • Measures budgets and contract profitability
  • Eliminates paper timesheets
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces administration costs 

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