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Demos Property Services

Demos Property Services

Demos Property Services Case Study

Leaders in Commercial Cleaning.  Our people make the difference - celebrating 30 years of providing clients with the highest standard of service.

The family owned and operated Demos Property Services, based in Victoria, employ approximately 150 staff at over 7 locations throughout Victoria. “We have been leaders in the Commercial Cleaning Industry in Melbourne since 1987 – with flexibility and innovation being at the forefront in the servicing of our clients. One of these innovations was the research of sign in systems for our staff and staff time management”, says Penny Demos.

Demos Property Services value client requirements but also have strong benchmarks that Ezitracker helps to support. These benchmarks they adhere to are:


  • Quality Audits.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Induction and Training
  • HSE Inspections Site Supervisors constantly carry out assessments and results are reported back to the senior management team.
  • Client requirements/checklists are adhered to and monitored by site supervisors to ensure all cleaners are aware of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Monthly Inspections conducted by DPS Senior Management to ensure performance levels are of the required standard.

To eliminate lost productivity, improve time and attendance accuracy Demos Property Services enlisted the biometric kiosk. The Ezitracker biometric kiosk is the most accurate and fool proof method of time and attendance capturing. Employee verification uses biometric fingerprint scanning with extreme accuracy. Workforce time and attendance logs can then be used to compile reports within the Ezitracker administration software.

Due to the nature of the clients serviced, Demos Property Services were restricted in the type of monitoring solution adopted. Ezitracker doesn’t require purchase of any capital equipment, so the low cost to implement the service across multiple locations was a very attractive proposition. Furthermore, staff find Ezitracker simple to use and it can be up-scaled with the addition of other login methods such as the Ezitracker mobile app.

After using the Ezitracker biometric service for employee time and attendance data capture, Demos Property Services found that the biometric kiosk provided the needed accuracy and reporting functionality required to help manage their workforce.

Ezitracker provides complete visibility of contract compliance. With real-time data capture, you can ensure the service delivery is being performed by the correct staff each week and each day. Comparing actual hours worked against the contracted plan and use that evidence of service level agreements being met to inform clients with monthly and quarterly reports.

Demos Property Services also utilise Ezitracker management reports to provide comprehensive information to their clients and believe this is having a significant impact on their contract performance as they can demonstrate actual attendance on site and time worked. “We believed Ezitracker was the best solution for achieving our desired result because of their exceptional customer service and biometric devices offered”, Said Penny.


Benefits Outcome

·        Ease of generating reports

·        Flexibility of login methods to suit staff and site requirements.

·        Accurate biometric hardware

·        Easy to use, even for non-English speaking staff.

·        Eliminates falsified timesheets.

·        Competitive advantage when bidding for new business.

“We believed Ezitracker was the best solution for achieving our desired result because of their exceptional customer service and biometric devices offered. The most significant improvement that has resulted from working with Ezitracker is the monitoring of staff times and verification points when reporting to our clients as well as the ease of generating these reports”.

Penny Demos,
General Manager at Demos Property Services.