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Southern Grampians Shire Home & Community Care

Southern Grampians Shire Home & Community Care

Southern Grampians Shire Home & Community Care

Located in the Western District of Victoria, Australia; Southern Grampians Shire HACC provide home and community services to qualified residents. Already capturing data at point of care using Ezitracker’s workforce monitoring telephony service, they were keen to access the additional benefits that come with using smart mobile phone technology.

“We needed an easier way to handle timesheets,” says Wendy Gallagher, Aged & Disability Services Coordinator. “Beforehand we printed and distributed timesheets and staff had to fax them back, so there was a lot of paper and time involved. We also had no real way of knowing where people were, so from a safety aspect we were looking for ways to improve the duty of care we provided to our field staff.”

A number of workforce monitoring solutions were investigated but management were sold on Ezitracker’s risk management benefits and administration cost savings. An existing interface with their rostering system and testimonials from other councils also made the decision relatively easy.

After using the telephony service for about a year, Southern Grampians Shire HACC felt it was time to upgrade by adding the Ezitracker for mobile service.

“A small number of staff and clients had been a little reluctant to use the telephony service,” says Wendy. “While it was a vast improvement on handwritten timesheets, we felt the mobile service would gain greater support.”

Time and attendance is logged using the Ezitracker for mobile service by scanning a QR code affixed at the client’s premises. The code is usually visible from outside the premises e.g. side window in order to maximise service visit time whilst minimising client disturbance. Staff can also view their care rosters on their smartphone and updates can be received on the go.

“Ezitracker for mobile is such a visual service so it’s really easy to use,” says Wendy. “Within a very short time we had noticed that staff that were previously resistant to the telephony service had become our greatest advocates of using Ezitracker on their mobile.”

Additional information can also be captured including mileage, in-service data, responses to client or staff surveys and other messages. Alerts can be raised to inform management of non-arrival or departure from site. This enables immediate action to prevent client service break down and enhance carer safety.

“We get emergency alerts from the Council, but beforehand we had no way of relaying that information to our field staff. Last summer however we used Ezitracker’s messaging service to advise staff of Heat Health Alert Days and ask them to make sure their clients are keeping cool and had enough water handy. We knew they’d get the message next time they logged in or out.”

One of the greatest benefits of the Ezitracker service is the ability to automate payroll processes.

Wendy adds, “Prior to Ezitracker, travel time and mileage were written on timesheets which was often difficult to read and time consuming to add up, check and process for payroll. Now travel between clients and in-service expenses are captured by Ezitracker and sent to admin for staff reimbursement and client invoicing.

“We have experienced significant savings, especially with the mobile service. Staff used to get their rosters emailed, faxed, or posted but now they’re distributed via the mobile app. Processing timesheets for 40 carers used to take two staff at least a full day, but now electronic timesheets go straight to admin for payroll sign off.”

Benefits outcome

Greater efficiency of roster distribution and timesheet collection
Enhanced duty of care
Easy to use
Ability to capture additional information e.g. mileage
Significant reduction in payroll processing time & expenses

“Ezitracker for mobile is such a visual service so there are very few, if any, user errors. Distribution of rosters is immediate, so too is time and attendance data; and mileage travelled goes straight to our admin staff for payroll sign off.”

Wendy Gallagher,
Aged & Disability Services Co-Ordinator, Southern Grampians Shire Home & Community Care, Victoria, Australia.