With 20 Years Experience

 Ezitracker is the Trusted Solution 

for Workforce Management 


The Benefits of Ezitracker, Workforce Management solutions

Ezitracker is a leading electronic workforce management software solution that enables organisations to manage in real-time, monitoring and planning the mobile workforce. With 20 years of experience assisting organisations to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve service levels, Ezitracker understands the increasing demand for transparency and security of service delivery.

Ezitracker Workforce Manager can be used by any organisation that employs a mobile workforce or staff that work in remote locations. Accurate data captured by Ezitracker with staff login & log out by location – utilising the numerous time and attendance solutions developed by Ezitracker. Enabling managers to see attendance details of all their remote working staff, at every registered location, online, in real time. Attendance reports can be customised to show relevant information – which in turn can be used to make fast, actionable management decisions.

Ezitracker Transforms Your Organisation Service delivery with: 

  • Improved service delivery
  • Ezitrackerhelps prevent service breakdown by alerting authorised managers to any “no-shows”
  • Lower payroll costs - prevents payroll overpayments and scope for timesheet abuse by providing 3rd party verification of actual hours attended.
  • Reduced administration costs - eliminates the need for checking timesheets, streamlines processes with actual hours exported to payroll.
  • Improved safeguards for lone-working staff - Instant alerts are generated if a remote worker fails to log out after an agreed threshold. Satisfies EWM requirements - by using Ezitrackercontractors will satisfy the increasing contractual demand for EWM (Electronic Workforce Monitoring).

Suitable for both SME and Enterprise organisations, Ezitracker scales with the size of any organisation. With 20 years of experience in providing tailored workforce management software, we understand the solutions right for your business.