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Case Studies – Home Care

For each client case study please click on 'Read More' for the full story. Each one concludes with the key financial and other benefits that the client has now gained from using Ezitracker. 

Oldham Council 

With a background that appointed care providers were paid on the basis of commissioned and not actual delivered care, Oldham Council had made the decision to adopt electronic care monitoring (ECM) to verify service delivery, gain efficiency savings and benefit from greater knowledge of how individual providers performed. After evaluating alternative systems, Oldham chose an integrated solution from Ezitracker. With an extended period of use the council has seen greatly enhanced management control of domiciliary care, with major improvements in both care efficiency and service delivery along with important savings to the care budget. Read More


Southern Grampians Shire Home & Community Care

Located in the Western District of Victoria, Australia; Southern Grampians Shire HACC provide home and community services to qualified residents. Already capturing data at point of care using Ezitracker’s workforce monitoring telephony service, they were keen to access the additional benefits that come with using smart mobile phone technology. Read More


Gloucestershire County Council    

Like every local authority throughout the UK, Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) are under pressure to find ways of achieving cost efficiencies without diminishing the quality of services provided. Adopting Electronic Homecare Monitoring (EHM) was identified as a key opportunity to help meet this objective. GCC asked specialist care efficiency consultants The Community Gateway (TCG) for their recommendations, which led to Ezitracker being chosen for a trial, pilot exercise. The results of the pilot were emphatic, showing savings of over 13% on the existing spend for commissioned care. Read More


Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea   

Against a backdrop of every increasing demand for homecare services, senior management at the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) were under pressure to find imaginative ways of delivering improved care provision whilst also controlling costs. Read More


Newport City Council 

Newport City Council’s in-house homecare service had made the decision to take steps to achieve improved levels of service and efficiency, and part of this was the need for a more effective rostering system capable of optimising the deployment of their care staff. After extensive evaluation they chose a packaged solution from Ezitracker. As a result the council have since seen a transformation in the management control of domiciliary care, with significant improvements in care efficiency and service delivery. Read More


Local Solutions   

A leading social enterprise in the North West of England, Local Solutions have a proven track record of improving the quality of life for vulnerable and excluded people in the region, with 75% of the organisation’s turnover coming from domiciliary care services. Their 900 community care workers deliver over 22,000 hours of commissioned homecare per week to seven local authorities in the Merseyside and Greater Manchester region. Local Solutions made a strategic decision to introduce Ezitracker with three key objectives in mind: improving service delivery, increasing operational efficiency and safeguarding the organisation’s lone working community care workers. Read More