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ezitracker scheduler

for streamlined staff planning

Eliminate the stress and cut the time you spend creating and maintaining accurate staff schedules the EZI way. Ezitracker Scheduler is our web based planning and scheduling solution designed to help you fill shifts quickly and easily.

See Who's Available

With automated planning and attendance screens you can view staff availability in real-time at a glance. Ensure staff are scheduled to complete their contracted hours and you can control overtime and meet legal working time compliance.

Best Match

Ezitracker Scheduler stores key staff records including qualifications, skill sets, visa compliance and police checks so you can allocate staff according to their 'best match' to the job, contract or site.

You can store full details of contracts, charge and contract rates in Ezitracker Scheduler. With our hybrid scheduling you can match operational plans to your contract or business needs  to simplify your workforce management and the accompanying payroll creation process.

With integrated rules and matching processes the plan you schedule is the plan you follow and resource effectively. So you can protect your business and contract delivery from margin erosion and under or over delivery.

Workforce Optimisation

With our best match functionality and advanced geographical mapping to calculate mileage and travel times, Ezitracker Scheduler will produce the optimum schedule so you can be sure you’re placing the right people in the right place at the right time…every time. 

Improve communication

Fill gaps in schedules fast. With Ezitracker Scheduler you can send available shifts and alert staff to schedule changes instantly by email or text.


Simple to Use

Our user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality means you can effectively manage and co-ordinate planned work, respond quickly to changes to customer needs and still keeping an overall view of your staff provision and availability. 

And with its seamless integration to  Ezitracker Monitor you can view staff time and attendance in real-time.