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We have a variety of hardware options available for time and attendance monitoring:

Landline 400px

Ezitracker Landline

Workers simply dial a free-phone number to register their attendance by entering an individual PIN number to log in or out. The worker is able to log their attendance at any site which has been registered and eliminates the need to paper-based timesheets.


Mobile 400px636237853004772991

Ezitracker Mobile
Where a worker is unable to access a fixed telephone line Ezitracker Mobile allows workers to log in and out simply by scanning a unique code.  Workers are also able to access their roster and receive notifications on their iPhone, Android or Widows phone.


Kiosk 400px

Ezitracker Kiosk

The Kiosk is a fixed terminal which captures time and attendance by the employee either using a single fingerprint touch, swiping a contactless card or inputting an individual PIN.  Workers are able to access rosters, receive notifications, send messages to coordinators or supervisor, order materials and enter details of task completion or distances travelled.